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This will be my 3rd update as I have migrated from Freewebs => MSN Groups => Freeservers. Hmmm ... let me see the original site (which is serving as a gateway) has had 900+ visitors since 9/30/03, the MSN site has had 100+ visitors since ... uh I think March something ... this is a start. I will see into getting these ratings improved - and my material. Meanwhile, the whole reason for this migration is that my internet service will be going from MSN to a cable internet service that doesn't provide a groups service. Freeservers provides me with a good flaxibility and good options (no, I wasn't paid to write that).

*October 2004 Update*

I know that I haven't been good at updating this site, but I have come to the problem of writer's block. Please be patient as I will soon be posting a new chapter.

Also I corrected the typo in the original posting above - "flaxability" is supposed to be "flexability". Sorry. I am surprised nobody said anything.

*January 2005 Update*

I have finally fixed the infuriating glitch that warps the text of my site by editing the font directly in Word. I have also just added chapters 4 and 5. More stress for the young king, and more characters for you to meet. Sorry about taking so long, but I had to refine the chapters and figure out what was wrong with the site - it seems my server only permits certain fonts.

*April 2005 Update *

I and my co-author, D Lynn, have been working hard on the next three or so chapters for both of our books. It is not easy since our stories converge at times and must lend themselves to future cross-mixed tales. It has recently come into consideration that we should take our tales - with as short as the chapters are - and create an Christian-American Manga/Graphic Novel. It is a Christian Sci-Fantasy - a rather rare genre indeed. Sorry for the draught in updates, but with the space I have and the difficulty working with the space I have ... blah, blah, blah ... too many words ... lets just say life and other things get in the way. We will see ... ^_^

Here's the the low down on Grey Hawk the Great -

Story Type: Science Fiction. Alternate Universe/Time. The life and adventures of King Grey Hawk the Great. Religious themes involved. Full name is March of Ages: Grey Hawk the Great.

Content: No intents on being graphic, but it may be a bit intense; high stress mixed with humor - but only time will tell if the humor is any good ... of course I will aim towards the other emotions; language is English and "Grec" plus whatever else I need ... no intentions on inputing real cuss words - just isn't my style; My personal rating I will give it is Young Adult/PG-PG13 - I am not sure the exact reading level or the exact rating to give it as it is a work in progress.

Copywrite and Background: This story is (c) Esther Barnett 2004 and from the pending new book series March of Ages (c) Deborah Mallison and Esther Barnett 1999-2005. I have been completing an average of one chapter a month, maybe I will be finished after two years - I have been writing it since sometime last year but the first actual complete chapter was finished and posted online 2/04.

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